Larry Rice’s Reflections on the Past Years

By Larry Rice, Founder and Director of NLEC

This is such an exciting time to be involved in the work of New Life Evangelistic Center (NLEC). During the past year at NLEC, we have seen so many lives impacted for good because of the love of Jesus Christ working through so many caring people.

The NLEC headquarters at 1411 Locust Street in St. Louis, is now open not only all day, but all night, providing direct help for hurting and homeless people. What a joy it is to see the smile on the faces of those in need as they come through the doors at NLEC late at night, knowing there is one place in Mid-America that is open to serve them after all the other shelters are closed.

Growing numbers of the homeless are being set free from the cycle of homelessness through the extensive on-the-job training programs provided by NLEC and its subsidiaries KNLC, the Here’s Help Network, and Missouri Renewable Energy (M.O.R.E) and American Renewable Energy (A.R.E.). In addition to the television and radio stations throughout Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and Kansas, the Here’s Help Network has 24 hours of radio programming on the website. American Renewable Energy airs 24 hours of renewable energy programming on KNLC-DTV 24.2 and on the website.

Yes, we continue to see the miraculous unfold as God doubles the number of donors to New Life Evangelistic Center, as well as the number of trainees and staff on a daily basis. As this happens, all of us here at NLEC are witnessing unprecedented challenges existing before us. The continual cutbacks in mental health programs are putting more and more people on the streets, homeless. As a result, we are seeing increasing numbers of the mentally ill coming to us for help, along with many who are now unemployed due to the economic problems our country has faced during the past two years. Also, there are still three orphanages that NLEC supports in Haiti that need to be rebuilt as a result of the earthquake, January 12, 2010.

Please continue to keep the New Life Evangelistic Center in your daily prayers. For 39 years we have been working through the grace of God to be there when people are hurting. As we prepare for the 40th anniversary of NLEC and the 100th Year of Service of our headquarters at 1411 Locust Street, St. Louis, we are witnessing unprecedented opportunities to serve those in need.

Thank you for your prayerful support.